Welcome to Calliope's Writers

A community of mothers making space, time and energy for writing.

A Mother who Writes

Hi there, I'm George ūüėä. ¬†I'm a book coach and developmental editor specialising in fiction and memoir. I'm also a mother of two imaginative, hilarious boys and a lover of deep work, creativity and story.

7 years ago, I was 38 weeks pregnant. ¬†I had just returned the final proofs of my book manuscript to my editor at Oxford University Press. As an emerging literary scholar, this book would put me on course for a career as a lecturer and researcher‚ÄĒa life of deep work.¬†

By the time the author's complimentary copies arrived, my baby was crawling and my universe had shifted. 

By now, my future in the Ivory Tower seemed both too much and not enough. Ever since then, I've been navigating the tension between being a mother and being a writer and thinker.

I know I'm not alone in walking that line, although sometimes it has felt that way. 

  • So much of the dogma and mythology around writing ignores the unique challenges and strengths of mothers who write.¬†
  • And so much of the dogma and mythology around mothering asks us to pretend mothering alone can fulfil us.

But things are changing. And that's why I'm bringing together mothers who write. In Calliope's Writers we can learn from and support each other as we collectively rewrite the cultural narrative by making time, space and energy to write because we are mothers, rather than despite it.

Because a mother who writes should not be considered a paradox. 

What happens in Calliope's Writers ?

Calliope's Writers is facilitated by me but shaped by you. It has and will continue to evolve with the members. But here is what it looks like recently: 

Inside Calliope's Writers, you will find:

  1. Honest conversations about how writing happens (or doesn't happen) amidst family life.
  2. A place to claim your need to write without feeling like an imposter and begin (or continue) to make space for it.
  3. Small group co-writing sessions bracketed by a little chat and a mindfulness exercise to transition into writing.
  4. A monthly 'creative playdate' where we chat whilst doing something crafty with our hands.
  5. Replays of workshops and occasional guest speakers, usually available in the format of a members-only podcast as well as videos, so you can listen in the most convenient way for you.
  6. Regular prompts to take a moment to nourish your creativity by journalling, talking about what you're reading, writing a haiku, or ranting in Capslock!
  7. An online community designed to enrich rather than numb, to be used with intention, shielded from the distraction and addiction of noisy social media platforms.

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