Welcome to Calliope's Writers

A community of mothers making time, space and energy for writing.

About Calliope's

This community is a container for your writing life, offering dedicated time and space to focus on your writing despite (or maybe even because of) the distractions and interruptions of family life.

Whether you're a new mother desperate for some time for the writer inside, or you're experiencing a creative reawakening now your kids are older, we would love to support you to prioritize your writing.

What happens in Calliope's Writers ?

A lot of writing! 

We write together several times a week. 

Members have written poems, novels, essays and memoirs in our small group co-writing sessions.

Co-writing sessions begin with setting intentions for the time, and a short grounding exercise or moment of mindfulness, a ritual that helps you leave behind the worries and pressures of family life and find creative flow. We write for one hour, then come together to reflect and share experiences and resources.

Workshops are monthly, and replays are available. They are active, gentle, reflective sessions where you will be guided through a set of prompts and will do some creating. They're like yoga for your writing self. Past workshop exercises have included New Year intentions setting, writing from the visual prompt of a vintage postcard and playing around with point of view in your writing.

This is not another Facebook group. It's a small writing group that meets online, designed to enrich rather than numb, to be used with intention, shielded from the distraction and addiction of noisy social media platforms.

Meet Your Hosts: Two Mothers who Write

We’re George and Lucy, hosts of Calliope’s Writers Community for Mothers Who Write. 

George is a book coach specialising in time-poor writers with resistance, self-doubt (and maybe a hint of ADHD). She’s also a mother of two imaginative, hilarious boys and a lover of deep work, creativity and story.

Lucy is a mother, marketing consultant and writer. She believes that the best stories are the ones hidden away in plain sight. She loves to dive behind the everyday ordinary and find something extraordinary.

Join our community of writing mothers today and discover a supportive network of fellow writers who understand the juggling act of motherhood and the pursuit of creative expression. Let us help you carve out the time, space, and energy you need to unleash your creative potential and achieve your writing goals.

Why 'Calliope's'?

Calliope was the eldest of the Muses. She was also a mother. Her name means 'beautifully voiced'. 

Since its launch in lockdown, 2020, this has been a community of muses; every member is an inspiration to the other members. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!