Welcome to Calliope's Writers

A community of mothers making time, space and energy for writing.

Two Mothers who Write

Hi there, we’re George and Lucy, hosts of Calliope’s Writers Community for Mothers Who Write. George is a book coach and developmental editor specialising in fiction and memoir. She’s also a mother of two imaginative, hilarious boys and a lover of deep work, creativity and story.

Lucy is a mother, marketing consultant and writer. She believes that the best stories are the ones hidden away in plain sight. She loves to dive behind the everyday ordinary and find something extraordinary.

Calliope's Writers brings together Mothers Who Write (or want to write) anything from novels, books and personal essays to memoirs, tales and poetry.

Calliope was the eldest of the Muses. She was also a mother. Her name means 'beautifully voiced'. Since its launch in lockdown, 2020, this community has been a modern-day muse; a source of mutual inspiration, understanding and support that helps us stay in touch with our writing despite the distractions and interruptions of family life.

What happens in Calliope's Writers ?

Calliope's Writers is facilitated by us but shaped by you. In Calliope's Writers we can learn from and support each other as we collectively rewrite the cultural narrative by making time, space and energy to write because we are mothers, rather than despite it. It has and will continue to evolve with the members. But here is what it looks like recently: 

Inside Calliope's Writers, you will find:

  1. Honest conversations about how writing happens (or doesn't happen) amidst family life.
  2. A place to claim your need to write without feeling like an imposter and begin (or continue) to make space for it.
  3. Small group co-writing sessions bracketed by a little chat and a mindfulness exercise to transition into writing.
  4. Replays of workshops and occasional guest speakers, as well as videos.
  5. Regular prompts to take a moment to nourish your creativity by journalling, talking about what you're reading, writing a haiku, or ranting in Capslock!
  6. An online community designed to enrich rather than numb, to be used with intention, shielded from the distraction and addiction of noisy social media platforms.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!